Certified Student Leader

Leadership skills can be taught but they only flourish through practice.

The CSL certifies that your student understands leadership concepts in 6 key areas of leadership. They also receive individual coaching to apply these 6 skills in their school and work experiences. Strengthen your student’s resume with a CSL Certification.

The CSL is the premium certification that demonstrates knowledge as well as application of key leadership skills at school, work, extra-curriculars, and home.

CSL Program Competencies:

  • Choosing the right behaviors at the right time

  • Communicate and collaborate with diverse personalities

  • 5-ways to contrubute to teams and innovation

  • Speak confidently to peers and authority figures

  • Give feedback in a helpful way

  • Receive feedback and avoid being defensive

CSL Program Benefits:

  • Proven Assessments to grow your student's self-awareness

  • Self-paced courses to help students understand CSL team and how they apply to them as a leader

  • Modularized (take one or all segments of the program)

  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching to improve leadership skills

  • Credentialed Certificate and life-time distribution of results to any school or employment application as reference

Certified Student Leader

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