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Lighthouse has impacted hundreds of students and families trying to reach their academic goals. Here are a few of them in their own words explaining how we helped them.

We were focused on the wrong things with our child and it took Lighthouse to point that out to us.

B. Williams

My child had already decided where he wanted to go and what he wanted to study. Your program still helped validate and identify his blind spots. Invaluable information to best position him for success.

P. Laconis

We were trying to find the best school for our child, and didn’t want to base that decision based solely on name. You gave us direction on best way to map out a college visit plan, saving both time and money.

D. Cook

College is expensive in both time and money, thank you for laying out a plan to get us through it.

R. Chet

My child has random themes or ideas about college and life beyond, you helped provide direction and reality.

R. Webster

My child could not decide what she wanted to do. Working through everything brought ideas to us that none of us had even thought about.

T. O’leary

The intricacies of the admissions and scholarship process were completely unknown to us and we were left to figure that out on our own in a very short time window.

E. McMichael

My child had trouble focusing on her strengths and weaknesses, focusing on this made sense to pick school and major that made sense.

B. Lehman

College is expensive and can get out of control if poor choices and decisions are made, you literally saved us thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress and headaches that come with watching your child become frustrated.

T. Jones

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